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Gratitude day, every day.

What can I say? I’m humbled and so grateful. Thank you for being a part of this journey. It’s heartening to know people believe in this film project ~ Horse✨Diamonds

Thank you for believing in me.

I’ve been working on this film since 2019, and have a lot of footage and interviews and still have some filming left to do. It’s been a massive undertaking on my part, to keep working on this passion-project, through everything that’s happened since I began. I’ve traveled all over the United States and have been to Hungary twice for research and filming; to capture as much of the stories as I can before it’s too late. I’m also following the efforts of a Hungarian horse breeder in in the PNW, attempting to breed her horses and enlisting other U.S. owners of breed-able Kisbiri mares to a chosen Hungarian Kisbiri stallion in Hungary. This is all still unfolding and the success of this endeavor has several determining factors. None of which are simple but all of it fascinating.

The back, back story of HORSE DIAMONDS revolves around two heroic and inspirational Hungarian countesses who did everything they could to save their horses. Those in the U.S. who currently have the descendants of the horses rescued from Europe and shipped to the states via the US Army remount, love their equine family and care about their legacy. In honor of everything the Hungarian countesses did for their horses and countrymen, it’s unthinkable to not tell their story or worse yet, let the equine bloodlines that are no longer in Hungary, die out for good.

As an independent filmmaker, working on this feature length documentary film, I’ve funded 100% of this project myself thus far. And I've come to the point in the process where as I finish filming (still got at least a year of filming to go) I’d like to hand off the media to a capable editor so they can help me take this remarkable story and make it shine. Among other unique creative touches, I’m also recording original Hungarian folk music, which I did a bit in Hungary in October. (Below is a YouTube video link I put together showing the stallions I filmed while was there last month to the Hungarian music.)

For as long as I can remember I've loved horses, and they loved me back. Horses have been in my life since I was born and raised on our family's - grandparents (Herbert and Rhoda) and dad's wheat&barley farm in Eastern WA state. Taking on this remarkable story of historical value is my deepest honor and biggest creative challenge to date.

As I complete the documentary, there are subsidiary creative projects (around the same topic) that will also come - that dive deeper into the individuals that helped the breed get established in America ~ stories that history and equine loving audiences will gobble up, no doubt.

What more can you ask for in good storytelling – gorgeous horses, incredible events and admirable Hungarian women? Sounds like the westerns I grew up watching with dad. But this will be different. Much different. Especially since it's about horse-loving women, as this story speaks to the mystical relationship women have with horses and have had for millennia.

Now the rest of the work begins; to take all the media and make it into what I’ve dreamt about for so long ~ what I know it will become.

Thank you again for being there 'til the 11.75th hour. ✨

(If you go to my Facebook page, you'll see I did a live video last night ringing out the end of the campaign and I do a bit of rambling and some singing, so it's there.) 😂

Peace and love to you and your family during this holiday season and always.

You are now officially along for the ride.

xoKimberley Rose


Hungarian stallions and traditional folk music filmed and recorded (by me) in Hungary 10/22 -

PS - I'm observing Thanksgiving as gratitude day because this U.S. Holiday isn't celebrated by everyone. And there's a reason for that. Our history is very complicated. We know this to be true. So I'm doing my best to understand and respect the nuances that come with that. And while I give thanks for the beauty of this world and what the universe has provided, as well as being grateful for my family and friends. I also want to acknowledge the original inhabitants of this land and the tragic circumstances that were forced upon them. But also recognize their descendants, that still carry the burden of so much loss and generational trauma. 🙏🏼

Still so much work to be done, by everyone.

Also want to say thank you to all the animals that are sacrificed for today's meal. Especially turkeys. They're delicious but the tradition also has a huge environmental impact and loss of life. The Indigenous show gratitude for the sustenance they receive from our earth mother by giving thanks to any animal spirit they consume and plant life. Think of thanking the turkey for sacrificing its life for you before you bite into it. 💗

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