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Production Schedule


  • 2019, Sept. - fact finding trip to Hungary. 

  • 2019, Nov. - filmed WA state HH breeder Valerie Sivertson 


  • 2021, April - filmed in VA at Portaferry Farms, Crozet, and Front Royal

  • 2021, April - filmed in MD w/ Bela Marriasey

  • 2021, May - filmed in NE at the Cooksley Cattle Ranch

  • 2021, June - filmed in WA with HH owner Valerie Sivertson

  • 2021, Aug. - filmed at Portaferry, VA & Crozet, VA

  • 2021, Sept.- filmed at Mt. Aventine, MD w/ Margit Bessenyey-Williams

  • 2021, Nov. - filmed Mt. Aventine, MD w/ Bela Mariassey

  • 2021, Dec. - filmed w/ Bela Marriassey’s daughter.

  • 2022, Feb. - filmed in WA w/ Hungarian Horse owner/former breeder


  • 2022, spring, film in Washington DC w/ Bela at the US Capitol Building and Library of Congress.

  • 2022, spring/summer - filming in WA w/ Valerie, preparing maiden mares for breeding. Pre-check, and insemination w/ frozen semen.

  • 2022, May - film in Charlottesville and Crozet, VA.

  • 2022, May/June - Film at Hollins University, VA where Judith Gyurky used to teach.

  • 2022, June, film w/ HHAA members/horse owners on the eastern seaboard.

  • 2022, June/July - film in Hamilton and Butte, MT while also researching Cattle Rancher Jim Edwards.

  • 2022 or 2023, film in Nebraska at Cooksley’s ranch. (TBD if needed)

  • 2022, October - film in Hungary: interview Hungarian horse experts, historians, and horse breeders. Film the collection of the Stallion chosen by HHAA for breeding purposes in the United States. Film the process of transporting from Hungary to America.

  • 2023 - film HH/foal birth (from Val’s maiden mares), film the insemination of the mare’s that will receive the Kisber-Felver specimen collected in Hungary. Have Rough Cut of the film prepared

  • 2023 - write, record and produce Horse Diamonds Soundtrack and Film Score.

  • 2023 - Fall - Filmmaker will live in Hungary & finish filming plus record Hungarian musicians for soundtrack.


  • 2024 - Film Kisber Felver foal birth, hire editor to finish film: with final graphics design, PIC LOC, Color Correction, Sound Sweetening

  • 2025 - Release of Horse Diamonds, Film Premiere plus satisfy all incentives owed to those who supported the film project. Marketing Campaign machine starts.

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